French team : "whim, youth crisis"a first sponsor stings Mbapp?

By refusing to associate certain sponsors of the French team, Kylian Mbapp has kicked the anthill. The vice-president of KFC, Alain Bral, who regrets the position of the striker of Paris Saint-Germain, does not intend to let it go.

Mbapp gives the FFF a hard time.

Kylian Mbapp (23) is not one to beat around the bush. By refusing to associate with certain partners of the French team, the Paris Saint-Germain striker has opened Pandora’s box. His pressure move, which prompted the FFF to accelerate discussions for the establishment of a new convention on image rights, is not to everyone’s taste.

A. Bral – if necessary, we will assert our rights

Indeed, KFC, which is one of the sponsors that the French star no longer wants, reacted through its vice-president, Alain Bral. It’s a problem between the Federation and Kylian Mbapp. Not ours. We paid for something clear. If necessary, we will assert our rights said the boss of the National Basketball League for Sportune.

The latter fears the end of the financing of federations and leagues by private actors, if the players no longer want to sign . At the Basketball League, these subjects are settled with the national union of basketball players. We have agreements with them on the collective and the individual, in particular the financing of the union added the businessman.

Bral tackles Mbapp

In addition to these economic considerations, the French basketball boss did not hesitate to throw a little spade at the former Monaco player, considering that he is going through a youth crisis and that his position is just one caprice in remarks taken up by Sports Business Club. In the meantime, this caprice sets in motion an entire federation, entangled in much darker affairs…

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