Freshly squeezed orange juice slows down aging

In addition to being delicious and refreshing, the juice of orange contains minerals Y vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps our defenses to prevent colds. It favors the functioning of our digestive system, gives us energy and increases the collagen in our skin, among other benefits.

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Now, thanks to a study conducted by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, we know that this delicious drink also delays aging.

The research, published by the Veronesi Foundation, analyzed 150,000 women for 16 years and studied the foods they ate most often and the amount of movement they did throughout the day in order to calculate the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI), which is about understanding how to slow down aging.

At the end of the study, a series of key foods that should not be missing from a woman’s diet were presented. And among them stands out the juice of orange.

Helps the body to start the day with energy. Photo: Stock.

It is a drink full of beneficial properties, making it a much healthier option than coffee or any other energy drink. And it is that the oranges They have a very low glycemic index, which helps the body to start the day with energy.

According to the Better with Health portal, there is research, such as one carried out by the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom), in which it has been shown that citrus fruits, including oranges, have compounds capable of also reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems.


Of course, it is advisable to drink a maximum of two glasses of orange a day and try not to exaggerate in its consumption, since it can cause discomfort in large quantities, such as diarrhea and other stomach problems.

Additionally, it is contraindicated in patients with diabetes, gastritis, ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome, since it may cause discomfort such as abdominal pain and heaviness.

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