Friend lost while hiking: “Storm of Love” star with a dramatic cry for help via Instagram

Actress Sarah Stork on Instagram. She became famous for roles in the series “Storm of Love” and “Unter uns” known.

© Instagram/Screenshot/Sarah Stork

Actress Sarah Kork’s partner has not returned from a hiking holiday, he has been missing since then. She is now asking for help on Instagram.

Las Vegas – Actress Sarah Kork (34) is desperate and now shares it with, Instagram followers. The former “Storm of Love” star posted a picture of her friend Thomas Knack, underneath she writes: “Please help me”. After an excursion in the mountains, he apparently never returned; she received the last sign of life two days ago. Now the “Unter uns” actress is very worried and hopes for clues.

Ex- “Storm of Love” actress Sarah Stork: Your boyfriend is missing

Sarah Stork describes her desperation in English: “My friend went on a hiking excursion on Monday and has been missing ever since. The last GPS signal was on October 12. “He was near the North Loop Trail / Mount Charleston, a mountain near Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. “Please look for him!” She calls out to all those who are in the vicinity of the place described. She seems very discouraged, her fear for her partner stands out clearly: “We are so worried and any help would be very welcome”.

Sarah Kork on Instagram: Fans try to help her

The former “Storm of Love” star Sarah Kork is popular all over the world. People trying to help her diligently share the post on Instagram. Even the TV broadcaster KTNV Las Vegas published an article about the disappearance of Thomas Knack. On Thursday morning (CET), a follower of Sarah asked about the current status, but the 34-year-old cannot report anything good. It is night in Las Vegas, which is why the search for him has been stopped. “Not until tomorrow at 8” is the search for him again, she writes on Instagram.

Shortly afterwards she wrote: “After a whole day of searching they had to stop because of the bad weather conditions.” Desperate, she adds: “Can you look for him? Another night in this cold … I can’t think of it. “(Ale)

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