FritzApp WLAN starts better WLAN measurement and repeater evaluation

The Internet specialist AVM has released a new, improved version for the FritzApp WLAN. Anyone who operates FritzBoxes and other network devices from AVM and uses an iPhone or iPad can obtain the update immediately.

AVM has presented revised functions. Users of the smartphone app now get version 1.8.4. The update comes automatically. Alternatively, it can be Load App Store.

The FritzApp WLAN for iOS users now has an interesting innovation with the new version. iOS users can now choose between simultaneous and individual measurements of WLAN throughput and latency in the app under “Measure WLAN”. So far it hasn’t worked that way. In addition, the ratings for repeater locations have been improved. We’ve included the full release notes at the end of the post. However, there are not many changes.

What can the app do?

The smartphone app offers a number of practical features. This makes it easier to determine the ideal repeater location by taking measurements and making adjustments at the locations that have been set up. In addition, guest access can be granted without having to go to the PC, and an analysis of the radio networks found and their parameters such as the encryption used, the radio channel used and the signal strength can be displayed.

update recommended

The updates are recommended for all users, as AVM also makes security-related changes with each update. For the Fritz network, some functions are only supported if the connected FritzBoxes use at least FritzOS 7.10; In general, the connection runs from FritzOS 6.50. AVM asks users of its apps to send them feedback on the application in order to further improve the apps. Suggestions for improvement and feature requests are always welcome.


  • Measure WiFi provides choices to switch between measuring WiFi throughput and latency simultaneously and individually
  • Even more accurate evaluation of the repeater position(s) under “My Repeaters”
  • Display with new font

iOS, Avm, Fritzbox, FritzApp WiFi

iOS, Avm, Fritzbox, FritzApp WiFi

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