From angel to zombie – Eva Habermann is now making horror films

Hamburg – From blonde angel to zombie!

Eva Habermann (45) has long earned her reputation as a sexy film temptation. But now the actress has had enough of this drawer and is switching to the horror trash business.

“Beauty is a mask. I wanted to do something that I really want, ”the Hamburg native told BILD. To do this, she founded the company “Fantomfilm”, produces her films herself and casts herself in unflattering roles. Fat, swollen, support stockings and 15 kilos more on the ribs.

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Creepy: Eva Habermann as a zombie in her film “Sky-Sharks”, which will be released on DVD on November 11th

Foto: pr

On Wednesday Habermann presented her own production “Cyst” with American film stars like Georg Hardy (“Troll 2”) in the hotel “The Fontenay”.

You: “I’m happier. I owe a lot to the German film, but now I want to realize myself. “

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