From Colo Colo they answer Marcelo Moreno Martins

The frustrated arrival of Marcelo Moreno Martins was a bucket of cold water in Colo Colo and now they must activate their plan B for the start of the second round of the National Championship and thus give pleasure to Gustavo Quinteros in his desire to have a center forward of guarantees to fight the title.

Finally, the Bolivian striker decided to stay in Cruzeiro, a cast where he is the greatest reference, and collaborate to avoid relegation to Serie C of Brazilian football.

Given the fall of this signing, from Blanco y Negro they had words to indicate that they never took for granted the arrival of the highland attacker.

“From the beginning we have been in a search. There have been several names that have been probed, but at no time have we confirmed the arrival of any particular player. Therefore, we continue in this evaluation and we want to be very responsible.”said Edmundo Valladares, president of the concessionaire at Colo Colo TV.

Marcelo Moreno Martins will continue in Cruzeiro / PHOTO: Cruzeiro

In addition, he explained that “At the same time I want to emphasize that this is Colo Colo and for us it is very important that those who come are convinced and have the desire and desire to come. We have a group that is consolidating, therefore, whoever comes must come to fight a position and contribute. So let’s keep looking “.

In this way, in the Monumental they already close the negotiations for Marcelo Moreno Martins, but they will continue looking for alternatives in the transfer market and thus close the expected center forward.

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