From cumbia singer to gasfitero and chapador: the story of Anthony Tello

It is no secret to anyone that the pandemic it forced people to reinvent themselves to help their family move forward. This is also the case of the cumbia singer Antony Tello Cervantes (32), who did not ‘suck’ and began to work as a majolica veneer and even gasfitero.

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Antony, did the pandemic hit you a lot?

Yeah right. When closing all the musical shows we were in the air. So I didn’t “suck myself” and went back to work as a gasfitter, majolica veneer and even sang in the streets.

Did you already know how to do these jobs?

Of course. I learned this as a child from my father. He took me to his jobs and there I learned.

How do you get into the world of singing?

Also for my father. He had a friend who was in on this and since I also liked to sing, he told him to listen to me.

And so you dedicated yourself to music …

Yes, singing cumbia is my passion. I have belonged to different orchestras. I was in ‘Mi Bella Luz’, I even recorded a song with ‘La Verdad del Norte’. I have traveled all over Peru with my talent. Now I am in ‘The First International’.

Did you make it to television?

Yes, with the orchestra that I am in now, we went to ‘Yo soy’ as Armonía 10. I was the voice of Augusto ‘Cuto’ Olaya. Thanks to that showcase they call us and now we work with our own name.

Did the people who hired you as a gasfitter know that you are a singer?

No, I only came to work, but as I always sing, they listened to me and said: ‘Young man, you must dedicate yourself to singing. Sing well ‘(laughs).

During the pandemic, he supported his family with his work as a gasfitter and majolica planer. (Photo: Trome)

What did you answer them?

I laughed. And there I already told them that I was dedicated to singing. I showed them photos in crowded stages, they were surprised and asked me what I was doing there.

Weren’t you ashamed?

Of course not. All work dignifies the person. Also, I couldn’t sit idly by for my little boy.

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Now that the events have been reactivated, are you still doing these jobs?

The events are on weekends and during the other days I have free time, so I am myself. I go to all the districts for the work they ask me to do.

Orchestra 'La Primerísima Internacional'.
Orchestra ‘La Primerísima Internacional’.

Where can they find you?

On Facebook and Instagram as ‘Antony Tello Oficial’. There they can write to me for any little job and also concerts.


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