From Fernando Carrillo to Dolores Barreiro: "The Hotel of the Famous" already have confirmed

The Hotel of the Famous“It was the reality show that revived El Trece, or at least that is what the rating numbers describe. The channel managed to win many followers and comments on the networks with this coexistence program that was hosted by Chino Leunis and Pampita.

Due to his good numbers, and with the news from Telefe that “Big Brother” will return soon, El Trece did not sleep and confirmed the return of “The Hotel of the Famous“with a second season that will give a lot to talk about, since the participants of this coexistence reality show will be among the most controversial in history.

Chino Leunis and Pampita are expected to be the drivers of this second season again.

As it says in the title, “LAM” reported that the first names that have already appeared in the press for this second stage of “The Hotel of the Famous“will be Fernando Carrillo and Dolores Barreiro. It should be noted that the actor and singer was in all the controversies and for having since his failed marriage with Catherine Fulop.

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