From “how can you be so beautiful?” To “unnatural”: Danni Büchner’s fans discuss the new look

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

Danni Büchner causes irritation on the web with her last two selfies © Instagram: dannibuechner

Danni Büchner is back with her followers after a short social media break with two selfies. The difference between the two images is huge. A hot discussion erupted online.

Mallorca – It was pretty quiet on her profile for a few days, then Danni Büchner (44) got back to her fans. She needed a break, “also from Instagram,” she explained her absence. No wonder, because as soon as Danni is back, the discussions under her posts start.

Danni Büchner reports back after Instagram break

The reason lies in the two selfies that the widow of “Goodbye Germany” cult emigrant Jens Büchner (✝49) posted after her return. The first shows Danni all natural, some natural redness on her face and a few little laugh lines.

In the second picture, you can’t see anything of that anymore. The 44-year-old greets her followers with flawless skin that does not reveal a single pore. No sign of wrinkles at all! And the Danni-Büchner bashing goes into the next round.

Danni Büchner’s look is hotly debated online

Admittedly, compliments (“dream woman”) are mostly pouring in for her look, like “how can you be so beautiful?” or “you look great”, but there are also quite a few negative voices. A follower comments: “If you compare the last two pictures…Filter on working”another writes “very nice picture, but too many filters used” because he lacks “naturalness” in the new picture. Because accusations that she would use too many filters and therefore appear too “unnatural”, Danni Büchner has to agree put up with by their fans.

She had just experienced a real fangirl moment on Mallorca when Danni Büchner suddenly met Tim Wiese, himself a former national soccer player and wrestler. Sources used:

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