From Koch Media to Plaion: Publisher now with a different name

Cook Media is one of the best-known publishers in Europe. But the company, which has been part of the Embracer Group since 2018, has decided to change its name. From now on, the company is no longer called Koch Media, but Plaion. This was given on August 4, 2022 officially announced on its own website. In a statement speaks Klemens Kundratitzthe company’s co-founder and CEO, on the name change: “Since joining Embracer Group in 2018, growth has accelerated and we have become increasingly diversified. We chose our new name to reflect the evolution of our company’s content, our global expansion, and to better represent who we are and where we are headed.

Problems with the old name

Kundratitz also spoke to the website about the new name. Alongside the company’s expansion, the CEO also noted that the old name wasn’t exactly easy to pronounce for some.

This presumably refers to the English pronunciation of the “Ch” in Koch. While this is not a problem in German, in English pronunciation it can be acoustically close to the term for Faucet or a slightly more suggestive term. Plaion himself made fun of this fact in a YouTube clip last year. However, it is unknown whether this was actually an essential reason for the company’s name change.

New logo, new meaning

The company’s new logo is a green play button. The inner letter has a ribbon winding around it, which is intended to represent the company’s “comprehensive and connecting role” in the digital entertainment economy. Just last year, the company introduced a new label for gaming with “Prime Matter”. This coexists with labels such as Deep Silver or Ravenscourt within the company.

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