From Saturday, Berlin will limit the use of Biontech in vaccination centers

In the Berlin vaccination centers and vaccination centers, Biontech vaccine will essentially only be administered to people under 30 years of age and pregnant women from Saturday onwards. State Secretary for Health Martin Matz (SPD) pointed this out on Friday in an interview with RBB broadcaster 88.8.

“Starting tomorrow, we have to carry out the vaccination appointments previously booked with Biontech with Moderna. This is a result of the slight mess that the federal government has brought us into, ”said Matz. “For us in Berlin this means that we have to limit Biontech to vaccinations of under 30-year-olds, pregnant women and those who recently received their first vaccination with Biontech and are now receiving the second vaccination.”

All other appointments, especially first vaccinations and booster vaccinations for over 30-year-olds, would be made with Moderna, said Matz. “Even if it said Biontech on the appointment booking. It is simply required. We can’t do it any other way. ”It doesn’t matter because the Moderna vaccine is highly effective.

In a letter to the federal states, the Federal Ministry of Health announced that it would limit the amount of orders for the Biontech vaccine for the next few weeks.

Enough biontech? “We’re working on it”

It is important that Berliners know about the changes, said Matz. “Before they come to the vaccination center if possible, so that they are prepared. And we try, even with those who have booked an appointment and we have contact details, to notify, for example, by text message before the appointment, that another vaccine is being used. “

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When asked whether there was enough Biontech vaccine in Berlin overall, the State Secretary for Health said: “We are working on it. And we believe at the moment that we can do it. ”But this requires that vaccinations that do not have to be done with Biontech are actually switched to Moderna from Saturday onwards.

The health administration does not know exactly how much Biontech vaccine will be delivered in the near future, said Matz. “But I am relatively confident that with this measure we will manage, that we can actually continue to vaccinate the other groups with Biontech.” (dpa)

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