From ugly to coveted: British cell phone museum opens online

Cell phones have been around for more than 40 years and are becoming more and more innovative. A rapid development. The first cell phone museum is now opening.

Decades after entering the market, the mobile phone is becoming a museum case: in Great Britain is a virtual museum has been opened about the history of the cell phone.

“No other recent invention has changed our lives more than the cell phone,” said co-founder Ben Wood, from whose personal collection the museum emerged. From mobile payment methods to live coverage from around the world and the ability to work from anywhere, it’s nearly impossible to overestimate the importance of the cell phone, Wood said.

History of the cell phone

With their exhibition, in which more than 2100 models from around 200 manufacturers can be seen, the organizers trace the history of the devices – from bulky telephones the size of a car battery to high-end devices. There are also categories such as “the ugliest designs” or the most desirable models.

In the future there will also be pop-up exhibitions at various locations. At the beginning, some British school children were invited to give a lecture. The mobile phone company Vodafone is sponsoring the project. (dpa)

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