From UN, Petro asks AL to unite against drug war

Washington DC, United States.- The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, urged this Tuesday to end the war on drugs, which he described as “irrational”, while calling on Latin America to unite in that purpose, as well as in the defense of the Amazon Rainforest and in the fight against climate change.

In his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly since assuming the presidency of Colombia in August as the first leftist president in the country’s history, Petro criticized the defense of oil and coal by developed countries.

“The war on drugs has failed. The fight against the climate crisis has failed,” Petro said in his speech before the United Nations Assembly. “I demand from here, from my wounded Latin America, to end the irrational war on drugs.” “.

Colombia is considered the world’s leading producer of cocaine, with more than 970 tons a year, and frequently faces pressure from the United States, its main ally in the fight against drugs, to reduce the area cultivated with coca leaves, the raw material for the cocaine, and decrease the production of the alkaloid.

“I invite you to stop the war and to stop the climate disaster,” said Petro, a 62-year-old economist trying to implement an ambitious social program to fight poverty and inequality in Colombia.

“I call on all of Latin America for this purpose. I call on the voice of Latin America to unite to defeat the irrational that martyrs our bodies,” said the Colombian president, calling on the international community to save the Amazon Rainforest with funds or a reduction in external debt that allows the countries of the area to release budgetary resources.

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical forest in the world, with some seven million square kilometers, and is considered vital to curb catastrophic climate change, due to the large amount of greenhouse gases it absorbs.

Brazil and Peru have the largest extension of the area rich in flora and fauna, followed by Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Drug trafficking is considered the fuel that feeds the internal armed conflict of almost six decades in Colombia that has left at least 450,000 dead and in which leftist guerrillas, criminal gangs made up of former paramilitaries and international cartels intervene.

Petro seeks a “total peace” that will silence the guns and stop the bloodshed in the South American country of 50 million people through negotiations and submission processes.

“I propose and summon you to Latin America for this, to dialogue to end the war. Do not pressure us to align ourselves in the fields of war. It is time for peace,” concluded Petro, who also urged the end of the war in Ukraine.

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