FRP will revive six national highway projects

Development of new and better roads saves lives, emphasizes transport policy spokesman Frank Sve.

– It is a shame that the government is scrapping trains, roads and avalanche protection towards Bergen, improvement of tunnels which are referred to as the “mine shafts” in Nordland, and a whole three projects on the E134 between Oslo and Rogaland, he says to NTB.

The Progress Party presents its proposal for the state budget on Thursday. There, they will prioritize six projects from the National Transport Plan that the government intends to postpone in its budget for 2023.

Six projects

The party believes it is important to keep the progress plan going.

They are therefore proposing to set aside NOK 715 million to start the following projects next year:

* Nordland E6 – tunnel on the stretch Megården-Mørvikbotn.

* Vestland E16 – tunnel planned on the Hylland-Slæen section.

* Vestland E16/Vossabana at Arna-Stanghelle.

* Vestland E134 on the section Røldal-Seljestad.

* Viken E134 between Saggrenda and Elgjø.

* Viken E134 new run in the Oslofjord connection.

Fear for the industry

In total, the FRP will increase allocations for national road investments by NOK 1.75 billion distributed between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and New Roads.

– I fear for the jobs in the construction industry in a situation that is already critical. To avoid an even bigger crisis, we must ensure that the projects that have been adopted, planned and projected while the FRP was in government are actually built, says Sve, who is first deputy chairman of the transport and communications committee at the Storting.

The government has shown that it was necessary to present a tight budget that required strict priorities, and thus there was no room for some of the ready-made transport projects. The backdrop was the need to keep interest rates down and curb price inflation.

This argument meets with little understanding from the FRP. Infrastructure is not an expense, but an investment for Norway, emphasizes Sve.

Not worried about heated economy

The transport investment can be covered by cuts in the public sector, according to the Frp’s budget proposal.

– Until now, the government has shielded the public sector and is pushing the entire burden onto ordinary people and businesses through historically high tax and duty increases. The FRP will not protect the bureaucrats, but ordinary people and businesses, says Sve.

He believes there is no reason to fear that investment in transport will lead to too much gas in the Norwegian economy.

– Through massive cuts in the non-service public sector, bureaucracy and aid, we avoid overheating the economy and make everyday life better for people and businesses, he says.

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