Fuel: can you drive on bioethanol without a box?



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B. Thomas, G. Marque, A. Fuzelier, D. Aynus – France 3

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To drive at a lower cost, more and more motorists are turning to bioethanol. However, it is strictly forbidden to drive with this fuel without using a special unit. Explanations.

To drive cheaper, a craftsman has found the solution: superethanol, or E85, a fuel whose price defies all competition. It costs one euro less per liter than Unleaded 95. “It’s nice to pay less than others, but it’s still too expensive anyway”, he smiles. The craftsman explains: “When you do a lot of kilometres, it still represents a budget.” Above all, it saves a lot of fuel…

The craftsman has been converting his cars to ethanolwithout casing and without problems. “I have no regrets, I’ve never had any mechanical problems”, he explains. However, it is forbidden to convert your car without a box, although the practice is becoming more and more common. Since 2017, you need a special device to be in good standing on the road. Thanks to a specific installation, the car adapts to the change of fuel. The investment costs 700 euros and pays for itself after one year.

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