Fuel prices: compare gas station prices using an official website

An official site provides fuel prices per gas station. A good way to know if it is better to go to a particular pump, depending on what the car consumes.

With a price at the pump hovering around 2 euros per litre, fuel has entered an era where it will be permanently expensive. Admittedly, discounts have been granted by the State and major oil groups to bring the price below this psychological threshold. But even with these aids, refueling can sometimes exceed 100 euros, if it is a large car.

Know the price of fuel by station

Therefore, why not bring competition between the stations? An official website, fuel-prices.gouv.fr, is available to inform the price of fuel station by station. You will find a map showing the location of the different pumps available and what you can find there: diesel, unleaded 95, unleaded 98, etc.

The map can be adjusted. // Source: Screenshot

The site also provides a fairly well-thought-out utility: you can display the stations that are on your route – you will need to enter your starting point and your place of arrival. A few other options are also present, for example to identify areas with electrical terminals, laundries, toilets, etc.

This map allows you to know where to go, rather than having to look for yourself and needlessly travel miles without certainty. In principle, the indications on the site are reliable. They are updated by the managers of the points of sale as soon as they change. They have an interest in playing the game, because spot checks take place.

Of course, such a service is especially relevant in cities and in large conurbations, where the network in terms of stations is dense enough for the choice of station A rather than station B not to require big detours. It would be absurd to drive kilometers in order to save 3 cents: the journey would make you lose this advantage.

gas station petrol fuel pump
A station with a vintage look. // Source : Frank Michel

There are certainly applications and websites that offer a service similar to the government platform – it’s up to you to give them a chance. The State website has been around for a long time: we were already talking about it in the spring of 2012. But ten years later, not everyone knows of its existence, even though it constitutes a lever to pay a little less for its fuel.

If you want to pay less, several strategies can be considered. First there is the eco-driving, which is not very fun, but reduces fuel consumption. Limiting the air conditioning is also a tactic. Opting for carpooling is also a way to share the bill. More difficult: change vehicle for a less bulky model. Or, switch to the electric car.

And then there is also the option of buying an electric bike.

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