Fuel prices: rush on hybrid and electric rental cars

While fuel prices remain at high levels, French travelers are increasingly opting for a hybrid or electric rental car, a choice also presented as “eco-responsible” by the online comparator Kayak.

Between falling but still high fuel prices and the desire to reduce CO2 emissions, the French are increasingly opting for a hybrid or electric car. A choice that can be found on the new car market: since the beginning of the year in France, these so-called “electrified” models represent more than 41% of sales, against 32% last year.

Searches tripled compared to 2019

But in the middle of school holidays, the low-emissions offer from rental companies is very attractive according to a study by “Kayak.fr”. For the summer period of 2022, the online comparator notes a 198% increase, i.e. almost a multiplication by 3, of searches for a hybrid or electric car on its platform, compared to the same period in 2019.

And if these cars are seen as more expensive, both to buy and to rent, the offer has grown considerably in recent years with, in particular, the launch of a 100% electric car by Dacia, the Spring. Result: Kayak notes an average price finally down 7% compared to 2019, down from 70 euros per day, to 65 euros.

Reduce costs and emissions

Enough to make hybrid or electric models, “an ideal choice for those who rent a car this season and who wish to reduce emissions and costs”, underlines the press release from Kayak.

Indeed, beyond the budget, more and more travelers want to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Around 86% of French people say they are influenced by eco-responsibility for their holiday plans this summer. They are also ranked second in Europe on Kayak when it comes to opting the most for hybrid and electric vehicles during of their travels around the world, second only to Sweden, which is number 1.”

On its site, Kayak offers in particular a “Roadtrip Index” which ranks 33 countries according to various criteria, including air pollution and the number of charging stations for electric cars.

The comparator also offers a “summer trip calculator” to simulate the cost of a trip according to the fuel used. On a Paris-Marseille round trip, i.e. 1,570 kilometres, the budget thus goes from 320 euros in a mid-range petrol car, to 282 euros in diesel and 71 euros in electric.

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