Fuerza Chano: Lizardo Garrido is hospitalized urgently due to medical problems

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The historic Colocolino player is admitted to the German Clinic and his health is serious.

Strength Chano Garrido!
© ArchiveStrength Chano Garrido!

If we talk about historical players and idols, without a doubt the name of Lizardo Garrido enters that list. The multi-champion with Colo Colo, even with the Copa Libertadores in his showcase, does not have a good time.

It is that as DaleAlbo was able to find out, Chano Garrido is admitted to the German Clinic and is in a serious condition, a situation that keeps his closest environment awake.

It is worth mentioning that the former Colo Colo is an official of the institution and from Macul they are also attentive to the evolution that it may have. As we mentioned, his condition is serious.

Several friends and former colleagues are aware of the situation and have been present at the clinic or by phone calls. El Chano is not alone in this new fight.

It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Lizardo Garrido underwent emergency surgery through an angioplasty where an artery was seen that was obstructed. Strength Chano Garrido, the Colocolino people are with you!

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