Funeral of Elizabeth II: a karaoke video of Justin Trudeau is controversial

A few days before the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Justin Trudeau was filmed performing karaoke to a song by the band Queen, sparking controversy.

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Justin Trudeau is not at his first controversy. But this one could go even worse, especially with the English people. After being under fire from critics by appearing in a 2001 photo where he sported a “black face”, a make-up deemed racist across the Atlantic, and having been accused last year of conflict of interest due to movements of money for the benefit of loved ones, the Canadian Prime Minister is at the heart of a lively controversy after the appearance of a video on social networks staging it.

A suite at more than 12,000 euros per night to sing on Queen

Filmed two days before Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, we see Justin Trudeau giving voice during a karaoke taking place in London, at the Corinthia Hotel. Many political figures were indeed at the rendezvous this Monday to attend the last tribute to the Queen of England, who died on September 8 in her Scottish castle of Balmoral, including Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron. But it’s not so much the activity, or the casual t-shirt he wore that today arouses criticism on social networks, but the song chosen: on the video, we see him singing Bohemian Rhapsody of the group Queen. A musical theme not in very good taste, especially in an establishment where the night is more than 12,000 euros, announces the site As the country goes through a zone of national mourning, Seeing Justin Trudeau all smiles alongside gospel musician Gregory Charles isn’t to everyone’s taste.

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The Prime Minister’s entourage assumes

On the side of the Prime Minister’s entourage, we defend the karaoke sequence: “Funerals and wakes are often times of camaraderie and joy, it’s not much different here”replied his cabinet to CBC. Present as a member of the Commonwealth, whose leader was Queen Elizabeth II, Justin Trudeau was accompanied bya large delegation, including actress Sandra Ohfrom the Serie Killing Eve.

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