Funeral of Elizabeth II: the emotion of King Charles III during the ceremony

The misty eyes of the new monarch betrayed his emotion on Monday, as the anthem “God Save The King” rang out in Westminster Abbey.

King Charles III could not contain his emotion at the end of the funeral of his mother Elizabeth II. As the choir sang God Save The King At the end of the mass, this Monday in Westminster Abbey, the eyes of the new sovereign misted with tears.

This ceremony marks the end of ten days of marathon for the king, since the death of his mother on September 8th. The new monarch has traveled across the United Kingdom to meet several heads of state, sign various official documents or participate in the crowd bathing game. If he had already spoken since the disappearance of the queen, using tender words, he had always managed to keep his countenance until Monday.

Grand ceremony

2,000 people were invited to this ceremony, including 300 Heads of State from around the world and members of their teams. In the front row were William, the new Prince of Wales, his wife Kate and their first two children, George and Charlotte. Harry and his wife Meghan were in the second row.

The day will end with the Queen’s burial at the King George VI Memorial. The ceremony will take place in the intimacy of the family. Prince Philip’s coffin, temporarily placed in the Royal Vault after his death on April 9, 2021, will be moved so that he can rest with his wife.

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