Funeral of Elizabeth II: the queen was buried in Windsor

After a day of historic funerals, the Royal Family have announced that the Queen has been laid to rest in Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth II was buried Monday evening at Windsor Castle, the final stage of a grand funeral day, the royal family announced in a press release.

The remains of Elizabeth, who died last week at the age of 96, including 70 years of reign, were transferred, with that of her husband Philip, who died in 2021, to the George VI memorial in the Saint-Georges chapel of the castle.

They now rest there alongside the Queen’s parents and the ashes of her sister Margaret. The Queen’s final journey was joined in the day by hundreds of foreign dignitaries and thousands of Britons.

The tribute of hundreds of thousands of people

Since his death on September 8 at his Scottish residence of Balmoral, his closed coffin has passed through his kingdom, in a hearse through the Scottish countryside, a Royal Air Force plane, or in slow funeral processions to sad tunes played by marching bands, pulled by horses or sailors.

In Edinburgh and then London, hundreds of thousands of people waited for hours, sometimes all night, to gather before the remains of the only monarch that most Britons have ever known, whose face, present on banknotes and stamps, was recognized worldwide.

A chapter of world history closes with these farewells to the monarch who has crossed the ages with a constant sense of duty, without ever publicly sharing an opinion, but fulfilling her functions as Head of State with seriousness, benevolence, and a tongue-in-cheek humor that is sometimes irresistible.

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