Future as a trainer? Bayern icon Schweinsteiger coaches Ana on the tennis court

Soccer world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger and the former tennis player Ana Ivanovic are one of the dream couples in the sports world. Since their wedding, neither has actually dared to try each other’s sport. The ex-Bayern star has now dared to take the first step.

Munich – The difference between a soccer field and a tennis court could hardly be greater. The green lawn of the round leather is generally more spacious than a tennis field made of grass or sand, and a soccer field is not bisected by a net. The sports themselves could hardly be more different, a change or even competence in both fields is very, very rare. Despite all the obstacles, world champion and FC Bayern icon Bastian Schweinsteiger tried this feat.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: future on the tennis tour?

“Back when I was still active as a tennis trainer,” jokes he Sports showExpert under his latest post Instagram. The former soccer player shows himself in a relaxed posture on the edge of a tennis court and watches his wife Ana Ivanovic. The 37-year-old doesn’t shy away from helpful tips either and tries to lead the former professional player onto the road to victory. As a picture book trainer, Schweinsteiger also helps his wife with the final tidying up.

The brief digression of the earlier one National teamskapitäns causes amusement among his fans. “You looked more like her assistant,” jokes a follower below the post. “You should really think about going back. They are looking for good coaches on the tour, ”assures another. However, it is not known whether Schweinsteiger’s coaching ultimately bore fruit.

Schweinsteiger and Ivanovic – a dream couple

Schweinsteiger and the former tennis player Ivanovic have been a couple since February 2015, the wedding followed a few days after the end of the 2016 European Football Championship ARD.

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