Gabriel Arias, after his reaction: "We deserve to be respected"

After the obscene gestures of Gabriel Arias to the Platense public, the goalkeeper was sorry for his reaction to the insults and harassment he received for more than 100 minutes and asked: “We are people who deserve to be respected.”

In this framework, the captain and figure of Racing had strong crosses throughout the game with a group of fans who “constantly insulted my family”, he explained in dialogue with the press after the game and reacted strongly when the referee blew the final whistle making gestures to the entire gallery.

“I said it as soon as the match ended and I repeat it again: I was wrong. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I reacted because violence is never the solution to violence. I apologize to Platense, my teammates, my rivals and all Racing. Being a public person implies the obligation to maintain a line of conduct that I could not sustain this time. Anyone can fail and today it was my turn, “he commented in an Instagram post published this morning.

Faced with this complicated situation, he tried to differentiate violence from folklore: “We have to understand that this has nothing to do with folklore or with passion. We are people who deserve to be respected in any field where we have to exercise our profession.”

The case of Andujar

After this unfortunate event, Arias was exposed to “from 5 to 20 days of arrest and/or prohibition of attendance for three to ten dates to the attendee, organizer, protagonist and any other person who, with their expressions, gestures or provocations, causes alterations to the order public or incite to it”, according to the procedural act, after infringing article 14 under the sports law for provocation to public order.

The only comparable event was when Mariano Andujar, goalkeeper for Estudiantes, played against Huracán and at the end of the game punched the fence where the fans were, which only resulted in a financial fine.

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