Gabriel Boric puts Chile as an example of democracy before the UN Assembly

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, spoke for the first time in front of the United Nations General Assembly. From the lectern, the Chilean president called for joint work to address the economic, humanitarian and climate crises around the world. In this frame, He wanted to share the recent political process that the trans-Andean country is experiencing as an example of how to get out of convulsive processes.

“Chile needs the world and the world also needs Chile,” he said. Gabriel Boric, who was not only referring to the natural and mineral resources of his country, but also to the democratic experience that was recently lived in Chilean territory. In this sense, the head of state of the neighboring country drew a timeline from the mobilizations of the so-called “social outbreak”, in 2019, until the plebiscite of September 4.

Gabriel Boric, before the UN Assembly, where he recalled the 50th of Salvador Allende’s speech in front of the plenary.

Gabriel Boric He recognized that he had called for the approval of the new Constitution, but he did not take the victory of the Rejection as a defeat. “A government can never feel defeated when the people speak out,” he said. “One of the challenges is to build democracies that really speak to and listen to the people, and that accept the results when they are not the expected ones. Those of us who attend this Assembly have a duty to improve our democracies,” he added.

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