Gabriel Costa increases the figures for Colo Colo

With a goal from Iván Morales, Colo Colo is carrying out the task against Deportes Antofagasta at the Monumental stadium, in a match valid for date 17 of the 2021 National Championship and the closing of the first round.

Later, the person in charge of increasing the figures was Gabriel Costa, who made it 2-0 in favor of the Cacique and continues to ratify his great moment.

A play that Carlo Villanueva started with a precise deep pass to Ignacio Jara, who took a cross that the Peruvian striker took advantage of to shoot the goal defended by Ignacio González.

With this result, the albos for now are leaders in the standings with 33 points and put pressure on Unión La Calera, who will have to face Universidad de Chile tomorrow.

Check the goal box by box:



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