Gabriel Suazo and winning or winning in the Superclásico

This Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium a new edition of the Superclásico will take place. Colo Colo will have to visit Universidad de Chile on Date 22 of the National Championship.

One who will start yes or yes this weekend is the captain of the Cacique, Gabriel Suazo, who spoke with Al Aire Libre of Radio Cooperativa about the party that paralyzes an entire country.

“The tension of last year has already disappeared, we fulfilled the main objective which was to stay in the First Division and today we find ourselves in a different situation. We live the game with the same pressure as last year, without the fear of relegation to First B, but yes, with the pressure to win the game, which is what we are looking for in Colo Colo, to win all our classics and games, is the focus we have “, he expressed in the first instance.

He further added that, “We study the rival and we know the possible formations they can use. We know what it can generate from the different formations and we work on both situations, we do not know the way it will turn out, but that is why we work it with both formations.”

Gabriel Suazo and the classic that is coming

Finally he spoke of the favoritism of the Superclásico. “If the people of the U endorse us, favoritism is their point of view, in the classics there should be no favorites. It is lived in a different way, it is my way of thinking and even if we are up today, the classics are always parties apart “, he sentenced.

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