Gabriel Suazo details his complicated start in Colo Colo: “I saw the squad very far away, I wondered why him and not me”

Gabriel Suazo is the maximum referent of this Colo Colo. The Captain of the Cacique has completed a tremendous campaign that has attracted the interest of various clubs abroad. Along with the above, he lives key moments to fasten his renewal at the alba store and, thus, leave economic returns to the institution that trained him.

El Popular has accompanied Gabi all his life. Since he was a child, he always dedicated himself to playing soccer and his first school was Colo Colo Cordillera. Thus he detailed it in an interview granted to Tribuna Andes.

“I loved playing soccer. My mom used to say that I got up and at 8 in the morning I went to look for my little friends to play. Colo Colo Cordillera was my first little school, from teacher Jorge Ramírez, with whom I still have contact. We played a semifinal and the final was against Colo Colo Monumental, at the stadium”, Suazo said.

That match was very important for little Gabriel who, at that time, could not have imagined becoming the Captain of Colo Colo. “They saw me there, on a Saturday. I saw all the players of that time: Chupete (Suazo), Matías Fernández, Gonzalo Fierro, it was just 2006. In the final Rambo (Marcelo) Ramírez saw me and told Chano (Lizardo) Garrido. They always asked me for my identity card, to find out if I was of legal age, I made a difference. El Chano talked to my father and told him to come try me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At that time my category was not there, 97, only 96, with Bryan Carvallo, Jorge Araya”, he recalled.

Already in young football, it was in 2015 when Gabi rose to the first team with the help of José Luis Sierra, it is for this reason that the left back has him in high regard and has very good memories of him.

“If you look closely, Coto did very well with all the teams. Here he was champion and second, finalist of the Chile Cup. I have very good memories of him. Although I didn’t participate as much, he was the one who believed in me, by bringing me onto the squad and giving me the opportunity, at a time when there were 15-year-old players who were already on the squad. I was 17, almost 18 and I didn’t even show up for first team training. One begins to question, to wonder about things, because I was always a projection of Colo Colo. He is a coach that will always be in my memory.”

Those days were difficult for Gabriel Suazo, since “I saw the campus very far away. I wondered why he did and I didn’t. When El Coto promoted me, my father told me that this was not a hundred meter race, but rather a marathon, that it had to be constant”.

Finally, he recalled his various positions on the court. It is that, as we are accustomed to today, the ’17’ was always characterized by its versatility.

“I was a left-hand drive, but I went through all the positions. Extreme, after 10, then central midfielder and left back. With Claudio Rojas, in line of three, he put me as a stopper on the left. He marked me a lot too, because he taught me to mark, the profiles. In the long run, this helped me a lot in my training. With Pablo Guede I played stopper once, against Palestino in Concepción”, he closed.

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