Gabriel Suazo explains his ownership in Colo Colo

Gabriel Suazo is the captain of Colo Colo, therefore, the undisputed starter for Gustavo Quinteros, who has given him enough confidence to be the institution’s left back.

That goes hand in hand with an increase in performance on the court and the same player trained in Macul told El Deportivo de La Tercera why he thinks he is a starter with coach Albo.

“It’s because each training session is as if I were playing a game. I always try to show that I want to play, even though I’m starting in all the games and now I’m being captain, I show and give the coach confidence that I always want to play. That is something important. What people see is only the game, and it is clear, but we have a long week and we have to train, be 100%, take care of ourselves … That is a factor “., he expressed.

He further added that, “Then comes humility. Every time I have been outside or when I have played, I have always been the same; I have never changed. And, as for football, I can tactically fulfill the role in which I am needed . I can have good or bad games, but tactics are very important today in football. In that sense, I find myself an intelligent player in the tactical aspect, and that the coaches look for a lot. It is a plus point, I think “..

Finally, Gabriel Suazo touched on the issue of his position on the court, if I accommodate the left sector of the court or if he still prefers the middle of the court as a midfielder.

“I have always liked playing as a midfielder much more, that is clear. But lately, playing as a winger with Gustavo, I have felt very good, with a lot of freedom to attack. He is much more comfortable when it comes to defending. , because we have a shorter team and we are always close to our mark. So, for the same reason, I feel good. Perhaps, previously, I would have told you at the wheel yes or yes, but today I am in a position where I am very comfortable. well; I know very well the movements I have to make; when to move, when not to; when to attack and when not to “, he sentenced.

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