Gabriela Herrera and Jossmery Toledo are eliminated from EEG: Watch their emotional farewell

This Monday, August 1, the Court of EEG announced major changes to the competition schedule. Thus, thanks to the vote of their teams, Gabriella Herrera was eliminated from the ‘Warriors’ and Jossmery Toledo of the ‘Combatants’.

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Johanna San Miguel She was affected by her team’s decision and assured that they took a lot of love for Gaby. “We warriors are fine as we are, we feel comfortable, happy, we are united… we are sure that these changes have been due to complaints from other people, ”, said the popular ‘Chata’.

In this sense, he reiterated that the ‘warriors’ are very united and that Michelle Soifer’s vote against Gabriella Herrera It was just for strategy.

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On the other hand, the ‘fighters‘ decided to remove Jossmery Toledo from their team. “A complicated situation fell on us like a bucket of cold water. The production announced changes and these changes are radical. We had no idea what was going to happen.” said Renzo Shuller.

Likewise, he indicated that the former police gave 1000% to improve every day, although he assured that this decision is “temporary”, leaving open the possibility of his return to This is war.

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