Gabriela Herrera: “I’m not a gold coin to like everyone”

Gabriela Herrera said that it is not a “golden coin” for everyone to like, also that she sang the song “Cobarde” by Yahaira Plasencia, in her own style, and many liked it. In addition, she wished the best for Cielo Torres, who will work with Sergio George.

“I sang ‘Cobarde’ because my fans asked me to and I didn’t even know the lyrics, I had to look it up on my cell phone.“, he claimed.

No, I did it because my fans asked me for a song from her and I don’t have to bite or anything like that. On the contrary, I did a cover that came out nice and there it is for those who like it and for those who don’t.

No, I made my version, the one that seemed to me and the majority liked it.

I am quite grateful to the public for the support they have given me.. And yes, well, unfortunately I’m not on the show.

Yes I found out, I don’t understand it, but it’s okay, it’s your page and it’s respected. I am calm with more projects, looking forward to 2023 to continue working on what I love so much.

That seems perfect to me. Cielo is a very talented girl, I know her, I really like her. She has a nice vibe, I wish her the best and happy for her success.

Gabriela Herrera talks about her elimination in ‘El Gran Show’: “They don’t know everything I suffered”

Gisela Valcárcel confirmed that Gabriela Herrera was removed from ‘The big show’ for having spoken in ‘love and fire‘ a few days before the gala. Willax’s program managed to interview her to comment on what happened now that she is no longer part of the America TV dance reality show.

“Is it true that you got suspended from the ‘Big Show’?”the reporter asked. “Nothing, what is seen is not asked (…) The issue of channel protocols. Nothing, just the same I am calm with my conscience and calm with what has happened because I have not done anything wrong “the dancer replied.

In the same way, he recalled that other participants in the reality show have also declared on other channels and have not received any punishment.

“It was not so, I believe that just as I testified, other people also testified. I don’t know, I think we should all be taken for the same account. If one also declares the other. If there is a sanction for one person for the other also”he pointed.

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