Before her fame as a jungle camp companion, Yvonne Woelke was also a model.  Through the alleged affair with Peter Klein, she became very well known.

Gage too high: Peter Klein now beckons Michaels Wendler’s job

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From: Luke Einkammerer

Michael Wendler should appear in the “Stadl” of “Goodbye Germany” star Krümel. Because Wendler wanted too much money, Peter Klein could now get the Ballermann job.

Peguera/Mallorca – Michael Wendler’s (50) comeback didn’t last particularly long. Almost 24 hours after the announcement of its RTL2 documentary, the broadcaster pulled the plug on the project again and nothing will come of its return to the stages of Mallorca. Meanwhile, someone else could be happy about the job on the tourist island: Peter Klein (55).

“Too much money”: Michael Wendler’s appearance on “Goodbye Germany” star Krümel burst

Musically it has been very quiet around Michael Wendler in recent years, but on April 30th the controversial pop singer would have made an appearance again as part of the reopening of “Goodbye Germany” star Marion “Krümel” Paffs (49) Bar “Stadl”. can. But this project has also been scrapped.

Like Marion Paff compared to the Majorca newspaper reveals that she wanted to book Michael Wendler for her establishment in 2020, but nothing came of it because of the corona pandemic. The performance will not work in 2023 either – because the “She loves the DJ” interpreter is asking too much: In addition to a fee of 20,000 euros (it should have been 7,000 in 2020), he also demanded a business class flight, shuttle service and a stay in a five-star hotel. “That was too much money for us,” explains Krümel.

Michael Wendler: The crash of a hit star

For a long time, Michael Wendler was one of the biggest names in the German Schlager landscape and regularly placed in the charts with songs like “Egal” and “What if”. With the beginning of the corona pandemic, however, the native of North Rhine-Westphalia drew attention to himself with questionable and conspiracy-theoretical statements. After comparing Germany to a “concentration camp” on Telegram in January 2021 due to new corona regulations, RTL announced that it would cut him from the DSDS season at the time. A month later, his Instagram account was also deleted. Today Michael Wendler and Laura Müller live in Florida and run an OnlyFans account.

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After affair drama: Peter Klein could get a Malle job from Michael Wendler

Krümel does not regret that the Wendler performance did not come about and she has already found another musical guest with Peter Klein anyway. After the very public jungle camp affair scandal with Yvonne Woelke (41), Iris Klein’s husband announced that he wanted to start as a Ballermann singer in his adopted home of Mallorca in the future.

Because Michael Wendler asked too much for his appearance in the bar of
Because Michael Wendler asked too much for his appearance in the bar of “Goodbye Germany” star Krümel, Peter Klein could get the Ballermann job. Iris Klein’s husband diligently shares singing videos on Instagram. © IMAGO/Future Image; Screenshot/Instagram/peterklein_official (photomontage)

Marion Paff is currently still in negotiations with the fitness fan, but he should definitely attract an audience: “He was the one who drew the most success from this year’s jungle camp, although he didn’t even take part in it,” jokes Krümel .

With the cancellation of the RTL2 documentary, Michael Wendler escapes an astronomical fee. The project would have made him and Laura Müller rich people. Sources used:,

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