Gain 1 second on the 0 to 100km / h: Mercedes offers a power boost for paid rental

In the United States, Mercedes will offer to increase the power of its 100% electric models by paying 100 dollars per month. What save about a second on the exercise of 0 to 100 km / h.

Want a little more power? At Mercedes, there is no longer any need to go to an engine tuner. The German brand will offer its American customers the option of unleashing the power of its electric models from time to time, by paying 100 dollars (96 euros) per month. And no need to go to a dealership, this boost can be subscribed directly from the vehicle screen.

This option called “Acceleration increase” will be offered on the Mercedes EQE, EQS, sedans and SUVs, with an increase in power between 20% and 24%, summarizes an article of Motor1.

The power of the EQE 350 4Matic thus increases from 215 kW (288 horsepower) to 260 kW (348 horsepower) and the 0 to 100 km/h from 6 to 5.1 seconds. It remains to be seen whether many customers will be willing to pay the $100 per month for such a gain at acceleration.

More and more subscription options?

If, in France, it is difficult to imagine such an option since it would a priori also be necessary to modify the power registered on the gray card, the manufacturers are gradually beginning to offer this type of subscription for different functions.

The latest BMW X1 offers for example to subscribe for a limited or unlimited period to different packs: enough to take advantage of the heated steering wheel as soon as the need arises or a more advanced driving assistant only before starting a long road. trip across Europe for example. On our test model, it was thus possible to trigger a 3-month free trial of “Drive Assist Plus”, or to subscribe to it for one month at 40 euros, one year at 400 euros, 3 years at 620 euros, or unlimited for 880 euros. For the heated steering wheel, a free one-month trial was offered and it cost 110 euros for one year of use, 160 euros for three years or 240 euros for unlimited use.

Tesla was one of the first brands to make this bet. The Californian brand, for example, allows you to activate the heated seats after purchasing a Model 3 and also offered in the United States more advanced driving assistance functions in monthly rent.

The only prerequisite of course: the vehicle must have the necessary equipment on board. But it also simplifies factory assembly, with integrated technologies that can therefore be activated at any time by its owner after purchase, and by subsequent users, throughout the life of the product.

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