Gala Caldirola surprises with video with her twin brother in Spain

The former reality girl shared the clip on her Instagram, asking her followers: “Do we look alike?”

The influencer Gala Caldirola is currently in Spain, her homeland, where she came to see her entire family, including her twin brother Merlin.

Few people remember that Caldirola has a twin. It turns out that when they were children and their parents separated, she chose to go with her mom while he left with his dad.

In this context, it was Gala’s friend, Suro Solar, who accompanies her on her trip to Europe, who uploaded a story on her Instagram account where the two brothers appear.

“Are these beautiful twins or twins?” Solar asked, for people to answer what they think of both.

While Gala published that story on her profile, asking her followers: “Are we alike?”

In Spain, the model’s brother has developed a career as a hip hop singer and has made sporadic releases of songs under his pseudonym Merlin C.

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