Galaxy S21 FE: After winning renderings, color options leak to the smartphone

Update (10/14/21) – HA

Even as one of Samsung’s most faltering smartphones, which suffered a delay due to the global crisis in the electronics market, the rumors and information about the Galaxy S21 FE keep coming. And now, months after receiving some renderings that showed some of the design and colors of the upcoming device, new information brings data about how this should look in the final product.

According to informant Ross Young on Twitter, gray should be the color that will be on more than half of the first shipment of these smartphones. Then there are light green, light violet and white.

Young still cites that the color blue should be present in the line as a fifth option, but that it will be limited to a few units at first.

Some of these options match the renders shown in July, including the all-new green option. As in the Galaxy S20 FE, it is still possible that the new device will gain versions in other exclusive variants.

Update (07/02/2021) by LL

Although the release of Galaxy S21 FE you have suffered postponement due to the global crisis in hardware production, the new and cheaper component of the line flagship from Samsung hasn’t been shelved — and expectations about it are only increasing.

Recently a new rendering showed the supposed look of the device — similar to the one proposed by previously released 3D images — and four color options.

In addition, the battery was approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The expectation is that the Galaxy S21 FE will have variants equipped with Samsung’s own processor, Exynos 2100, and Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888.

Now, new renderings show the Galaxy S21 FE in gray, white, lavender and — unprecedented — green. It is possible that Samsung will release other colors later. The Galaxy S20 FE, for example, was presented in four colors and later gained two other exclusive variants.

The images reveal a very characteristic design of the Galaxy S21 line, with the set of cameras in a module on the left side and a matte finish. Unlike other models, however, the camera is molded in the same color as the back panel.

The Galaxy S21 FE is to be announced with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, 120 Hz refresh rate, 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage and 12MP triple camera setup.

Although the hardware crisis has been harming several companies and causing delays over the past few months — even seemingly intangible names like Samsung itself — speculation about the new members of the South Korean’s top-of-the-line family has continued to gain traction.

This Thursday (01), a new leak revealed the design of the Galaxy S21 FE. The rendering shows the four color options expected for the more affordable models in the lineup, consisting of the lavender, white, green and dark gray variants.

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The Galaxy S21 FE retains the Galaxy S21’s visual language and characteristics, such as the set of cameras with lenses grouped in a raised module placed to the left of its body, but without the shiny finish. In addition, its rear must also be produced in polycarbonate as the standard model in the line.

In addition to aesthetics, the cell phone is expected to be released with Snapdragon 888 chipset from Qualcomm with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, but it is equally possible that the South Korean will end up replacing that hardware with an Exynos processor.

The uncertainty caused by the current market scenario does not allow us to obtain a specific date for the official launch of the Galaxy S21 FE, however, a new edition of the Galaxy Unpacked event is expected for August 11th and may bring more information about the device. The launch of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are also expected.

Update (06/26/2021) – LR

Postponed! Galaxy S21 FE will only be released in October, rumors indicate

A new report released this week indicates that the Galaxy S21 FE will have its presentation postponed and will be released by Samsung only in the month of October, arriving with very limited availability. It is likely that the delay in the arrival of this model is due to global crisis in the production of semiconductors, which has affected several segments of the industry, including the production of cell phones and other electronic devices.

The latest leaks indicate that at first the device will only be available in the United States and Europe, but there are still not many details about the price. The model appeared on Geekbench with the Snapdragon 888 and 8GB of RAM memory.

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Update (06/25/2021) – PM

Will Brazil be left out? Galaxy S21 FE can only be released in the US and Europe

Samsung’s plans to launch the Galaxy S21 FE like Galaxy Z Flip 3 e Galaxy Z Fold 3 in August it may have gone down the drain, seeing that recent news corroborates that the affordable top of the line is not expected to be announced until the end of the year.

And as if this news wasn’t already boring enough for fans of the FE series, another recent rumor, this time coming directly from South Korea, suggests that the Brazil may be left out and don’t win a Galaxy S21 FE to call your own.

As we know, the semi-conductor industry is currently experiencing a downturn, which has affected the launch of the most varied products in the technology field.

Galaxy S21 FE: Anatel approves the device for sale in the country

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The math is simple – without components to manufacture memories, processors, transistors, etc., you can’t create products for sale, so companies should start prioritizing not only some products but also certain markets for their launch.

If the rumor is confirmed, the S21 FE should stay out of countries like South Korea, Canada, Australia and entire continents like Africa and South America.

Original article (06/22/2021)

Galaxy S21 FE may be delayed until year-end launch, new rumor says

Although Samsung has already denied, a new rumor coming from South Korea returns to speculate a possible delay in the launch and production of the Galaxy S21 FE. As we know, the new smartphone should be the affordable flagship that should replace the Galaxy Note 21 lineup this year.

However, the lack of parts could be affecting Samsung’s ability to deliver the smartphone in conjunction with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 folding line. S21 FE launch may be postponed to last quarter of 2021.

The global chip shortage has begun to seriously affect Samsung, with the company’s main focus being on delivering its new family of folding. So the production of the S21 FE is taking place in the background.

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As expected, Samsung has not yet commented on the new rumor. Even so, if it’s correct, the launch of the S21 FE should happen between the months of october and december. In other words, in time for the end-of-the-year shopping.

In addition to smartphones, Samsung has also found it difficult to produce its notebooks. This makes recently released laptops in limited supply and not even available in some countries.

It should be noted that the Galaxy S21 FE has the potential to attract a lot of people’s attention. That’s because the smartphone is to be advertised with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, 120 Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 888 chipset, 8 GB RAM and 12 MP triple camera configuration.

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