Galaxy Z Fold 4 appears in Amazon listing ahead of Samsung Unpacked

Before Samsung unboxed next week, a list for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 seems to have arisen on Amazon Netherlands. The listing for the unannounced phone, reported earlier by 9to5Google, doesn’t include pricing but reveals plenty of details.

The images in the listing show the foldable phone with the same screen sizes as its predecessor, with a 6.2-inch exterior display and a 7.6-inch interior display. Both screens will have a 120Hz refresh rate, according to the listing.

A new S Pen case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also featured in the listing, and it appears to adjust the position where the stylus is stored relative to the Z-fold 3 Case.

Besides the S Pen case and display details, Amazon Netherlands said the color of the new phone is beige. However, this color name may not be definitive. One of the images with the listing also shows the phone in a black or dark gray color, while the new S Pen case appears to be gray with a hint of green.

The listing images also revealed new software for Samsung phones. Although the specific details of the software that will be loaded on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are not listed on Amazon Netherlands, the photos bear a striking resemblance to the teaser photos of Android 12L. Android announced its 12L software late last year and promised updates for foldable phones.

However, there are some slight differences between the photos included in the listing and the 12L teaser photos. The photos included in the listing have a few more buttons on the taskbar. It will be difficult to know for sure which software is listed until Samsung Unpacked, when the company is likely to release details on new releases like the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung Unpacked is scheduled to take place on August 10 and is expected to give consumers official information about the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung is also rumored to announce the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Bud 2 earphone successors.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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