Galilea Montijo suffers gender violence from the Golden Scorpion

The most famous masked youtuber in Mexico, the Golden Scorpion, exercised gender violence against Galilea Montijo, conductor of Today program, by questioning her about her past at the national level.

During his participation in the Golden Scorpion in Hoy, the famous youtuber known for his section ‘Peluche en el Estuche’, invited Hoy drivers to get on a fake car to ask them various questions.

The first to pass was Galilea Montijo, whom she mocked, insinuating that in the past she dedicated herself to being a table dance dancer. “Hold on tight to the tube, they told me you have experience,” said the Golden Scorpion to Hoy’s host.

Galilea Montijo spoke of his relationship with Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Despite being a closed topic, once again, Galilea Montijo he had to talk about his relationship with Cuauhtémoc Blanco, almost two decades ago. This, in the presentation of Escoprión Dorado in the Hoy program, where he also violated the host by insinuating that she was a table dance dancer.

– “Who is your favorite player?”, Asked the Golden Scorpion.

-“Right now? I really like Messi ”, Galilea Montijo replied.

– “Ah, the number 10. It reminds me of someone the 10 … Diego Armando Maradona,” added the youtuber.

– “The hand of God,” said Galilea.

– “In other words, when you were playing soccer a long time ago, about 15 years ago, did they get their hands on you?” Said the Golden Scorpion in a mocking tone.

The Golden Scorpion bothered Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo suffers gender violence from the Golden Scorpion.

The Truth News reports that the Golden Scorpion also joked that Galilea Montijo would be the future first lady of Morelos, since Cuauhtémoc Blanco remains the governor of that entity.

However, Montijo was quick to express his annoyance and displeasure at the comment: “Ay, no, safo. Get over it, ”he told her. The same way, Galilea Montijo tried to flip each of the comments from Golden Scorpion, in a show of discomfort for the insinuations that the youtuber had made.

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