Gallardo and his continuity: "It may be the hardest decision of my life"

Marcelo gallardo won his 13th title with River Plate as coach and after the whirlwind of celebrations, he gave an extensive interview in which he spoke about his feelings after the game, which was his first conquest of a local league with the “Millionaire” , but also its continuity.

Before reaching the most anticipated by the fans, the “Doll” spoke of an emotional moment on a day that was seven years after the death of his mother and tonight he was able to live with his family nearby. “Living these moments with my children give me a lot of happiness, and with the old man too. It was a special day and many memories came to us. Having my old man here always accompanying me. My mother always accompanied me and until the last day she was able to walk, “he said.

Then, it happened to the sensation of the new victory with River. “I am very proud to be living this after so many years And since nothing is easy in this life, having these moments of gratitude fills your soul with emotions. Share it with these people, with these players who provide and continue to provide. They are competitive animals and they make me feel very good. “

Loas 13 titles make him the most winning coach in history. “One always tries to at least think or my idea when i arrived was to try to be prepared to live all this“He related about it and said that he was also” to be living these moments, but also in case things were not going well, because that is football and for that you have to prepare. “

It comes the end of your contract for the first time and Gallardo left a phrase that surprised everyone, with a strange feeling that it could be the end. “I have given everything to the club until today and it is the first time, beyond some moment of anxiety, because it demands a lot of effort and full energy, which I think I deserve the possibility of rethinking myself“.

“Yes, I will reflect on it. I did not do it until now because it does not deserve that my head is elsewhere and I did not want to go further. For that reason from now on, after enjoying today, I’m going to seriously rethink. River deserves that one is in charge of this management with a lot of energy and there has been a lot of wear and tear beyond all joys. I do not give myself moments to relax because it would be doing bad to the club“, he counted.

“I don’t know if it will be the most difficult decision, because I had a lot of sportsmanship, but personally it might be the hardest of my life“, he closed about a feeling of goodbye in the club, taking into account that in a month the stage closes with the chance of a new title.

“It would seem that it is by magic and it is not magic art. A team of 60 people committed to giving the best to River. That is why I am very happy and it is well deserved and really to be proud of this work team,” he said before thanking the players for these changes.

“River wears out and that they support the demand and assimilate well, for me it is a lot. I am very grateful for all of them because They bank me and support me but they know that they are the ways for the fan to feel represented and at the end of the story it is what one values ​​very much “.

“We got 34 points out of 36 and it’s a string of huge games, especially because of how we were at that time. We started to think about the championship and we took off at particular moments that gave us the courage that we can. When we started to function That streak began and a good performance that makes us proud, “he says.

“I am very flattered and appreciate it, but the team represents the coach and people identify with the teams beyond the coach. This makes us feel proud of what has been won, “he said before speaking about Julián Álvarez, the great star of this team with 17 goals.

“Enjoy, because these things must be enjoyed. He has a whole world ahead of him and the explosion he has had in this semester It not only speaks well of his professionalism, dedication and talent, but also of his head. Three or so years ago he showed us an interest in wanting to have it and wear it, and today he became the player that he is. We have to accompany him so that he continues to grow and then a lot of things will appear that he will have to decide with his closest environment. Putting a price on Julián, with all that he has shown, would be very cheap. Hopefully River can enjoy it a little more. “

Finally, he closed the analysis of his era, which he did not name. “My eternal thanks to all the players who have gone through this process and that they had the commitment to be what we are. We work and we behave as we behave in victory and defeat, we have been good losers when we had to lose, we have been worthy losers and that is taken as something that is not natural in football. We have been consistent and I have felt very reflected “.

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