Gallery: Madonna publishes half-naked photos and tunden in networks

Madonna was severely criticized by some of her followers for showing her breasts and buttocks in an explicit way, letting her know that an artist “of her stature” did not need to do that to attract attention.

Some of her followers were disappointed and some others attacked her for taking photos that she says are artistic, where she shows part of her body, in a bedroom.

Madonna, who is the mother of six children, appears in the images wearing a sensual lingerie, with fishnet stockings and bondage-style garments, which did not bother everyone, since the “Queen of Pop” was also flattered by many, by daring to do that kind of art.

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In one of the photos, the singer of “Like A Virgin” poses lying on a bed, wearing leather lingerie, black fishnet stockings and red sneakers, while looking at the camera.

The international star performs several poses in the same place, where her green eyes and blonde hair stand out, characteristic of the 63-year-old woman, who has become an icon of world music for more than three decades.

“It’s Instagram, not PornHub”: Madonna fans say

One of the photos that caused the most scandal among some Internet users was where Madonna appears lying on the bed, half covered with a white duvet and her breasts stick out naked from the bedspread, leaving very little to the imagination.

The singer was cautious because she covered her nipples with a heart, but still there are people who considered the image as “pornography”, despite the fact that in previous days, Madonna had said that she was taking artistic photos.

“The bomb exploded” in the last image, where Madonna gets under the bed and only her buttocks and legs come out, wearing the fishnet stockings that appear in the other images, but which many classified as “obscene”, since practically the artist shows her bare bottom.

Now it has no class and it has nothing to do with your age … WHY MADONNA? … You are better than this! … ”; “Instead of taking these ridiculous photos, make quality music like you used to …”; “He must have lost his dignity under the bed. Lol … sinking low … ”; “I do not understand how he is allowed to show his shit … on Instagram as if it were PornHub … Having self-respect at this age will suit you better,” were some of the criticisms.

It is not the first time that Madonna has been criticized for her publications

In previous days, Madonna had already been criticized by her own followers, when she recreated the death of Marylin Monroe in photos and when she published an image in which she is subjected with a knife, by a man who puts a gun to her neck.

Many considered that it was spreading domestic violence, being that in many countries of the world, women are killed by men with knives, in addition to beating and raping them.

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