Gallery: This is how Yalitzia looks in a swimsuit

The Oscar-nominated actress appeared in a swimsuit in some publications, where she shows off her figure with a colorful bikini.

The Mexican admits that she has certain doubts when publishing these photos, given the possible criticism that sometimes occurs on social networks.

“Every time I have these types of photos, I am embarrassed to share them, due to comments that arise… but I always talk about self-love… and the truth is that I love myself as I am. In addition, I am the younger version, of the rest of my life, ”the actress wrote in the description.

In the comments section, Yalitza received hundreds of compliments from her followers, who praised her figure and beauty. “I love you, thanks for these words, you are the best”, “You are cool, Yali, you inspire a lot”, “You look wonderful”, “Beautiful mermaid” and “Bella as you are Yalitza” are some of the comments that are read in the post.

Yalitza also made a comment referring to her diet, as she assures that she has not worried about food and has not stopped eating tlayudas. “P.S. We have not left the tlayudas… in Oaxaca it is impossible to stop eating”, he commented.

A week ago, the actress published a selfie next to a friend in which they also appear on the beach wearing a swimsuit. Although the actress was praised as always, there were also those who criticized her, so it is likely that she is referring to these comments when she says that she doubts whether to upload photos.

Although Yalitza has faced prejudice and discrimination since her foray into entertainment, this did not stop her from having a strong voice in the industry and with her charisma and talent she won the affection of the public.

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