Game Awards: The first demos have already leaked on Xbox One and Xbox Series

Like every year, the Game Awards will distribute rewards and distinctions between two WORLD PREMIERE trailers and product placements by the dozen. But not only.

Indeed, the most watched awards ceremony in the industry (the 2020 edition was followed by 83 million spectators), and some publishers are therefore taking advantage of this saving spotlight to highlight their future releases. Like the very summer Steam Next Fest, demos will be offered shortly after the Game Awards. But to mimic the industry presentations, it’s impossible not to see some ads leaking upstream. Here we are reassured, since the first titles have (finally) leaked.

Demos, only demos

With just two weeks to go before the 2021 Game Awards kick off, many demos have been rushed into the Microsoft Store., and therefore make it possible to draw up a first list of titles that will be approached on the night of December 10. Each of them are marked “TGA21Demo“which leaves little doubt about what will happen next. While waiting to discover the rest of the selection, here is the list of the first ten playable demos to come:

All of these demos are currently listed on Xbox and Xbox Series, and the most interested will therefore be able to prepare their post-ceremony market today.

Let us remind night owls and other curious players that the Game Awards 2021 will be held on December 10 at two in the morning. The long list of named games can be found here, knowing that the virtual voting booths are always open. And good WORLD PREMIERE.

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