Game Of Thrones: This Could Be The Sum Kit Harington Earns On His Return As Jon Snow

Game Of Thrones: This Could Be The Sum Kit Harington Earns On His Return As Jon Snow

It became one of the most successful series of all time and has fans all over the world. “Game Of Thrones” (GOT) was one of the most followed stories on television and now it could have a sequel focused on the life of Jon Snow.

Since the series ended, HBO has been working on creating several spin-off projects from the original story, however, so far“House Of The Dragon” is the only story that has been completely accepted and is about to be released.

Nevertheless, this story is a prequel that takes place many years before the events that occurred in GOT, so the new proposal contains an extra attraction, the return of one of the most beloved characters.

Although it is not yet a safe project, fans have already shown excitement, as this could represent the return of various characters to the screen.

Recall that HBO had already canceled a prequel which would star Naomi Watts after investing $10 million in it.

This opens another question How much will Kit Harington’s return to his iconic role as Jon Snow be worth?

Although the figure that the actor could acquire for his role has not been revealed, the truth is that the Profits of millions of dollars would be guaranteed if the project goes ahead.

Game of Thrones sequel could bring Kit Harington millions of dollars

When the series began showing on HBO, Earnings for Harington exceeded $500,000 per chapter, a figure that was increasing as the story increased its success.

For the last two seasons, Harington increased his earnings much more and his pay is estimated to have been between 1.1 and 1.2 million dollars per episode, which means that he earned about 30 million dollars.

It could be estimated that the profit figure for a new series could approach the previous ones, however this will also depend on the success that the production achieves.

It is likely that at present Harington has a much higher value as an actor compared to the start of GOTso it would not be strange if his salary is higher than at the beginning of his role in the series.

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