Game special: 10,000 euros for DLC? – The 7 most expensive simulation games

With all of the DLCs, some simulation games cost a ton. That is why buyers have to make smarter decisions.

Simulation games are a truly fascinating genre. Many players are just scratching the surface here and are familiar with bizarre nonsense simulators such as the toilet simulator or the Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. However, if you really dive into the matter, you will find incredibly complex games – with an incredible number of add-ons.

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In order to own all the DLCs for certain simulations such as flight or train sims, the inclined fan would have to dig deep, deep into the wallet. Very few do that, after all, third-party plugins meet the very special needs of selected fans.

External developers are expanding the flight simulator, for example, with a very special aircraft such as the Spitfire from World War II, in order to target enthusiasts. And that is probably not of interest to any passenger aircraft from the 2000s. So not every airplane fan has to pay thousands of euros to be happy with flight simulators. But he could!

And this curious thought experiment is what we’re talking about today. Which 5 simulators are the most expensive if you really want to own everything?

7. The Sims 4 – 865 euros

The Sims 4 will soon be 5 years old – from debacle to long-running

  • Topic: Life simulation
  • Developer: Maxis
  • Number of DLCs: 49
  • Cheapest DLC: 5 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 40 Euro

Oh dear, we’re about to start controversial. Because whoever understands by simulation games primarily machines, engines and timetables, should turn up their noses at The Sims 4. The fact is, however, that EA’s life simulation is just the same. You build a house for yourself, move in with your self-made family and fight your way through everyday life. It’s about the best jobs, the best friends, the best life – just like in reality.

If you buy the basic package of The Sims 4, you get a lot on offer. The main game contains numerous items and activities to keep you occupied for dozens of hours. Indeed Addons are still part of the serial tradition. With numerous expansion packages add pets, vacation resorts, vampires and more to the game. There are gameplay packs, accessory packs, addon packs. And we exclude the possibility of buying so-called Sim Points for real money.

Who wants everything, pays a whopping 865 euros. After all, you can save a bit with bundle packs. Still, like real life, The Sims 4 is a pretty expensive proposition if you want to get the most out of it. If you want to know which DLCs are most worthwhile, take a look at our overview:

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6. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 – 1.897 Euro

  • Topic: Train simulation
  • Developer: N3V Games
  • Number of DLCs: 126
  • Cheapest DLC: 4 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 37 Euro

The fact that train enthusiasts are willing to dig deeper into their wallets will become apparent later in this article. But already Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 sets a pretty high bar for the total price of all of its DLCs. The train simulation is considered a lesser known alternative to the popular train simulator. Unlike Train Simulator, Trainz does publish new games at regular intervals, but in many cases these are only slightly modified versions of the same game. The DLCs are also occasionally recycled.

So it’s no wonder that a considerable wagon load of additional content has accumulated over the years. The base game is available for 34 euros, but many users make it clear that this is almost a skeleton. You can only get more fun out of Zugsim if you buy at least a few of the DLCs. Here you are spoiled for choice 126 smaller and larger extensions. If you want to get all of them, that pays a total of 1,897 euros in one fell swoop.

If you are looking for another train alternative, you could also try Train Sim World 2:

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5. X-Plane 11 – 2.606 Euro

X-Plane 11 – Trailer shows gameplay and a new user interface

  • Topic: Flight simulation
  • Developer: Laminar Research
  • Number of DLCs: 118
  • Cheapest DLC: 11 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 45 Euro

X-Plane 11 may not be known to as many people in this country as the Microsoft Flight Simulator, but the alternative flight simulation is still very popular. This is not least due to the playful strengths: X-Plane 11 goes to great lengths to realistically simulate all the flight forces. And unlike Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 11 is constantly being further developed. Many third-party providers are also happy about this.

With a whopping starting price of 64 euros, the basic version is one of the more exquisite offers. After all, there are several global scenery packages for all continents free of charge. Who the full range of DLCs would like to own, pays for all 118 extensions anyway sat 2,606 Euro. Hui.

Our flight simulator expert Mario Donick reveals whether this is worthwhile with the game:

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4. DCS World Steam Edition – 2.619 Euro

Hardcore can look so good – impressive DCS trailer announces Christmas sale

  • Topic: Flight simulation
  • Developer: Eagle Dynamics SA
  • Number of DLCs: 96
  • Cheapest DLC: 10 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 74 Euro

DCS World is one of the most capable combat aircraft simulators in gaming history. With numerous fighter planes, you will experience combat as realistic as possible, provided you buy the appropriate expansions. The DCS World Steam Edition is namely Free2Play, for various planes you have to reach for your wallet.

To own everything, you pay 2.619 Euro. As with all simulators, the following applies: Very few fans should really have to own everything in order to have long fun with the DCS World. If you concentrate on the free version (with campaign editor and Co.) and a few favorite models, you have to do a little while first. The DCS World is constantly being expanded with new models, most recently, for example, with the early access version of the Mosquito FB VI.

If DCS World sounds like an exciting thing to you despite the hefty price, then you should consult our guide before you fly:

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3. iRacing – around 2,600 euros

  • Topic: Racing simulation
  • Developer:
  • Number of DLCs: 195
  • Cheapest DLC: 12 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 15 Euro

iRacing is notorious for putting big holes in racing tires in its players’ wallets. The racing simulation convinces with a really large selection of different cars, tracks and racing classes as well as with a very realistic driving experience – but all of this has its price.

Unlike most of the games in this list, iRacing uses a three-tier subscription model and therefore costs monthly fees. Depending on the version, you pay between 13 and 8 euros per month. But that currently only includes 16 cars and 22 slopes of the hundreds of cars and routes.

If you want even more, you pay a lot on it. A car costs 12 euros and each new route costs 15 euros. In its sum, you will come up here well and gladly an equivalent of over 2,600 euros. However, iRacing offers at least various discount options. Especially when you buy a lot of cars.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator X – 5.019 Euro

Microsoft Flight Simulator vs. Reality – Markus at the wheel: This is what real flying feels like

  • Topic: Flight simulation
  • Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Number of DLCs: 264
  • Cheapest DLC: 4 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 51 Euro

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is actually an old iron. The flight simulator appeared 15 years ago, but was re-released as a Steam version in 2014. In the meantime, as is well known, Microsoft has already released a modern successor with the Flight Simulator, which is particularly convincing due to its unbelievable appearance. Even so, Flight Simulator X was still busy until the end of 2020 lined with new extensions. If you want to own everything, believe it or not to pay in the case of the Steam version 5.019 Euro.

You can find out how Microsoft’s somewhat cheaper, current version fares in our test:

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1. Train Simulator 2022 – 9.500 Euro

  • Topic: Flight simulation
  • Developer: Dovetail Games
  • Number of DLCs: 639
  • Cheapest DLC: 4 Euro
  • Most expensive DLC: 38 Euro

You might not think so, but in the world of video games, trains are significantly more expensive than planes. Train Simulator 2022 continues a longstanding tradition of being the most expensive game bundle on Steam. If you really want to own each of the more than 600 DLCs, pays an incredible 9,500 euros. In return, you get a rather thick package for rail enthusiasts.

This DLC policy is not free from criticism. Instead of actually developing new software for each year, the developers update their tried and tested software and stamp a new number on the package. This explains the immense number of extensions that have accumulated over the years. And as it often happens with such projects, this modularization has an impact on performance and loading times.

Nevertheless, many fans love the Train Simulator 2022 precisely because of all the possibilities it offers a railway enthusiast. Of course, you should never buy all DLCs blindly here either, but think in advance which route you would like to travel with which train and in which quality. Simulations require personal responsibility.

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