Gaming platform Roblox is suing a YouTuber for 1.4 million euros

Roblox (PC, Xbox One, iOS, Android) is a gaming platform that is particularly popular with children, young people and investors. On Tuesday, the company behind the platform filed a lawsuit with a California court: They are suing YouTuber Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon (24) for $ 1.6 million in damages. He should finally stop harassing Roblox players and developers.

What do you accuse the YouTuber of?

  • The YouTuber “Ruben Sim” (766,000 subscriptions) is portrayed as the leader of a cyber mob that has been causing trouble in Roblox for years.
  • It is said that the YouTuber has been banned from the platform for years. At that time he was expelled from the platform because he harassed other users, used homophobic and racist swear words and uploaded photos of Adolf Hitler. Roblox also accuses him of sexual harassment.
  • But he always gains access to Roblox by using other accounts, say the company’s lawyers.

Terror threat against Roblox developers conference

Dat is probably the toughest accusation: Roblox’s lawyers accuse the YouTuber of using terror threats to ensure that the Roblox developer conference had to close temporarily in October.

It is said that Simon posted on Twitter that the San Francisco police should keep an eye out for “notorious Islamic terrorists” at the conference.

Roblox says they spent $ 50,000 alone tracking down the false reports the YouTuber and his “cybermob” circulated of followers.

Ruben Simon’s YouTube videos reach millions of users.

Other allegations include:

  • He glorified the rampage in the headquarters of YouTube on April 3, 2018 and indicated that something like this could also happen at the Roblox headquarters
  • He tried to upload nude pictures of himself in which his private parts were only minimally covered
  • He tried to upload a sex game
  • He tried to upload a picture of Hitler

Roblox has been a large, social network for children since Corona – but these dangers lurk

How does the YouTuber react to the lawsuit? He deliberately does not want to comment on this in order to make the job of his lawyers easier. When the lawsuit is over, he will tell “his side of the story”.

But Ruben Sim says he will keep uploading videos.

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Ruben Sim’s statement came on the night of November 24th to 25th.

Roblox is about billions of dollars – security is extremely important

Why is the case so significant to Roblox? Roblox is a relatively freely accessible platform where creative people can create content that others will buy and play. So it’s also a kind of marketplace. Creative people can make good money there.

The company is worth a lot on the stock market, in the meantime it has even been traded higher than Activision Blizzard, the giant gaming group. The concept of a digital marketplace, in which users can create content for others and earn money with it, is one of the major current trends. This is also called “Leisure Economy.”

For such a network and the company behind it, however, it is essential that no offensive content is uploaded – precisely because the platform is mainly used by children and young people. That has been declared an important goal. It is said that 2000 “real people” would search Roblox for content that is against the platform rules and moderate it. Nonetheless, objectionable content seems to get through again and again.

Now Roblox apparently wants to set an example with a lawsuit for high damages.

Someone is recreating real rampages like in Christchurch in the children’s game Roblox

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