Garden America: they found a minor shot dead in the patio of a house

Sunday, September 18, 2022 | 6:41 p.m.

A minor identified as Darío Natanael Morgenstern, 12 years old, was found dead this morning in the backyard of a house located in the Nuevo neighborhood of the town of Jardín América. According to the first data, the victim had a gunshot wound to the chest. The police are looking for a 19-year-old man.

Police sources announced that a person identified as Marcelo R. (27), reported that while he was sleeping he heard noises coming from the front gate of his house and then a request for help in the backyard of the building. Upon leaving, he saw the minor lying on the ground, apparently without vital signs. He also said he did not know the boy’s identity.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police found the victim’s body in the back of the field, observing presumably blood stains at chest height. The doctor on duty announced that the victim had “a wound in the chest, upper left side, with little blood expulsion”, which would have caused his death.

As the hours passed, the officers began to clarify what had happened, establishing that the victim was sharing in the neighborhood square with Julio DR (18), Juan DR (16), Matías B., Jonatan E., Claudia D. . and Juan Ramón “Koki” R. (19), brother of the owner of the home.

Once inside the building, Koki, who has a history of being involved in a “weapon abuse” case, would have manipulated a firearm (presumably a shotgun), which would have fired with an impact on the victim.

After the shot, all the young people immediately fled the scene. At this time, the police are looking for Koki, who is the main suspect in the incident.

As for the victim’s body, it was transferred to the Posadas Judicial Morgue where an autopsy will be performed to specifically determine the cause of his death.

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