Gareca returns to Peru to debut in this new facet [FOTO]

The link of Ricardo Gareca with Peru it is a very difficult bond to break. The Argentine coach who left the diver of the peruvian national team after losing the playoff against Australia in Qatarreturns to our country to tell little-known details of his experience with the ‘white-red‘ in an event aimed at the business community of our environment.

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The ‘Tiger’ surprised all the participants of the congress organized by the Association of Good Employers (ABE), who asked the former selector to express his success story in the twentieth meeting aimed at people management.

How to transform a talent pool into a winning team”, will be the theme that will develop Ricardo Gareca in front of a packed audience waiting to hear those unknown passages that he had to overcome with the peruvian national team in order to turn it into a team with possibilities of reaching Russia 2018.

Ricardo Gareca will tell about his experience in people management (@abe)

Ricardo Gareca will stay a week in Lima

“It will be an event with presentations, studies, conversations and cases that will reveal the changes and new trends in people management. Cases of adaptation and resilience from various sectors will be presented, taking into account the importance of leadership in team management so that companies can respond efficiently to the challenges presented by the current situation and increase productivity to improve operating results. of the organizations”, It was reported from the event website.

Ricardo Gareca will be the guest of honor at this event that will take place on October 6 and 7 at the Westin Hotel, where he will stay for a week, however it was not known what his activity will be after the conferences for which he was summoned.

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Ricardo Gareca would accept offers after Qatar 2022

Ricardo Gareca He stopped being coach of the Peruvian National Team, after failing to reach an agreement with the FPF. The strategist is waiting to resolve his future after the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The environment closest to the Argentine strategist ensures that he would be waiting for the offer of a national team, although he does not rule out an offer from Argentine football at the end of the season. So far the DT has ruled out offers from Cruz Azul, Al-Ahly and Tallares de Córdoba


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