Garou’s new form completely alters the power level of the characters in One Punch-Man

One Punch-Man is one of the most popular anime and manga series today, and it is not for less, since it presents us with an amazing cast of characters with unique powers and abilities. One of the ones that has surprised us the most is Garou, even more than Saitama himself.

Something that we find quite curious is that, initially, the damage that Garou could inflict on the members of the Hero Association was significant. Of course he went through a transition process when he reached the limit of him as a human and evolved into the well-known “absolute evil”, a pretty scary label.

To better understand, this villain was able to noticeably alter the old power scale of the One Punch-Man series after this fact. Although we still don’t know how far, so the story could put him as an all-powerful being in the eyes of the most skilled heroes in history.

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Garou was always a hero hunter

We must mention that, during his youth, Garou was an outstanding student of Bang, to the extent that he showed great skills in martial arts, but he dropped out of school to fulfill his dream: to position himself as one of the most powerful characters in the world and have a significant impact on the scale of power.

Garou’s perspective is somewhat interesting, as he considers heroes to be a danger to society, since they seem to have a false solution to their problems (or, alternatively, a false hope that blinds them). So this fact motivated him to embody evil. And along the way he managed to beat some of the biggest heroes, like Tank Top, from the S-class.

Garou had emerged victorious from all his matches, but he ran into Saitama. It should be clarified that it was more of a unilateral attack than a proper fight. In this scenario, Garou was knocked unconscious after a punch from the bald hero. Although this same thing happened when Garou wanted to confront King, but Saitama stopped him resoundingly.

Although this could have spelled the end of Garou’s dreams, it didn’t stop him. On the contrary, it was this series of events that motivated him to pursue his quest and actually triggered his evolution (revealed in the Monster Association arc) that took his career one step further and thus obtained the final cosmic form bestowed by God.

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