Garro and Santilli toured Berisso and Ensenada: joint agenda with a message of unity

The national deputy of Together, Diego Santilli, and the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, toured the municipalities of Berisso and Ensenada on Tuesday, with the aim of listening to the residents and merchants of the areaand sent a message of unity amid internal tensions in the opposition coalition.

The shared agenda began in Ensenada with a meeting with environmentalists and members of the “New Environment” NGO and continued with the Rotary Club and the “La Estancia” Development Club, where they discussed their main concerns with neighbors and toured the Berisso shopping center, to listen to the reality that merchants go through. There, they discussed employment, security, the environment and education, among other topics.

In this frame, Santilli referred to the unity in Together and the tensions that exist around whether he will be the candidate for governor of space in 2023. “This is not the time to think about candidates or personal projectsWe have to work on a unified and consistent government program with the mayors of the PRO, radicalism, with the Civic Coalition and Republican Peronism for the province of Buenos Aires. We have to be prepared because the challenges in terms of security, job creation and productive development are very complex,” he said.

He vindicated, at this point, the work of the mayors of Together and Garro in particular. “With Julio and all the mayors we believe that the unit of Together in the province is essential. The interns distance us from the people and are functional to Kirchnerism”sentenced.

Along the same lines, the mayor of La Plata maintained that “today in the country and in the province we are in a very complex moment.” Therefore, we have to strengthen the space. This is a coalition and we must continue to generate agreements with people who share our values ​​and want to contribute, as we are doing in Berisso, Ensenada and in many districts of Buenos Aires”. And he added: “We have to be the alternative that leads us to have a better province. The greatest potential that this province has is the people of Buenos Aires, with unparalleled strength. We have everything we need to grow and we are going to work together to achieve it.” .

With his sights set on 2023, Garro argued that it is key to walk each neighborhood. “It is very important to have Diego (Santilli) in the area and talk with the neighbors. I always say that territoriality gives you the experience to govern. You have to be there, you have to do it, you have to listen and walk each neighborhood. The neighbors are who show us the way”, he said.

Garro and Santilli were accompanied by the councilors of Berisso and Ensenada, Paul SwarY Leandro “Peto” Rojasrespectively, among other leaders and district leaders of Together.

“We see that a new change of course can be generated for the country, for the province. We believe that people want to live in peace, they want to live safely, that their children go to school. Ensenada has many outstanding debts. What unites us is working together to be able to generate a better future,” he said in dialogue with the councilor of Together, Peto Rojas.

Swar, for his part, pointed out that “people are tired and we want to bring them projects and bring them hope.” “As a neighbor it happens to me, we want to return to that illusion of living in a working city, with drive,” he said, adding that in Berisso the problem that most worries residents is “safety.”

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