Gary Medel trolls Arturo Vidal beautifully

The players of the Chilean team They are focused on what will be the game of this Thursday, September 2 against Brazil at the Monumental stadium by the seventh date of South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and also, they have spaces for distraction in concentration.

This is how the steering wheel made it clear Gary Medel, who took advantage of the advantages and friendship he has with Arturo vidal, he trolled him beautifully and also cut the dream of the Inter Milan midfielder.

The Pitbull uploaded a filtered image of King Arthur sleeping, but Vidal woke up and smiled after surprising Medel who was bothering him while the midfielder slept and recovered energy after the hard days of training.

It should be remembered that the Chilean team had double-shift jobs on Tuesday where they first worked in the Juan Pinto Durán complex and in the afternoon, they recognized the Monumental stadium lawn and performed intense exercises.

This Thursday from 9:00 p.m., La Roja will face Brazil in the first of the three matches that will be played on the triple date of the Qualifiers. Then he will visit Ecuador and Colombia.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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