Gas commissioners of the Valley of Mexico maintain work stoppage

Faced with the consumer price cap for liquefied petroleum gas distributors (LP), the commission agents who offer their services to bring fuel to homes will hold work stoppages in different areas of the Valley of Mexico this Tuesday, although there will be no more blockades or demonstrations.

This was detailed by Enrique Medrano, spokesman for the recently integrated Gremio Gasero Nacional, who in an interview with Radio Fórmula stated that the stoppage of gas workers is more mandatory than a pressure measure, because practically, he said, they are prevented from operating due to the lack of profit.

“We will simply be doing a work stoppage. We will not be demonstrating or closing roads, none of that, we simply stop working from yesterday at two in the afternoon, until we have an answer or an alternative to our requests, “he explained.

On Monday, gas commissioners from this group demonstrated outside the offices of the Secretary of Energy in the Valle neighborhood, demanding an increase of one peso in the maximum price for this week, a request that was denied.

And it is that, according to the entrepreneurs, the maximum price does not allow them to cover their costs, despite the fact that on average the gas LP at the national level for the week of October 10 to 16 it will already be 3.4% higher than the last real price that distributors reported on average before the price control policy, after this week the Energy regulatory commission (CRE) determined a limit of 26.05 pesos per kilogram, which is also 2.2% higher than the previous week, and which is in its second week having exceeded the prices prior to August 1, when the maximum prices were determined for avoid abuse by marketers.

Thus, the national average maximum price of fuel used by at least six out of every 10 households in the country is 86 cents more expensive than it actually cost before the federal government’s policy to curb rising prices. This means that the tank most used by Mexicans, of 20 kilograms on the national average, would have a price of 521 pesos at the national level, which is 17.2 pesos more expensive than the last real report from the distributors.

“We are going to stop operating, but not because we are making a measure of pressure towards society, it is because we are inoperative, with the margin that the companies are giving us we cannot go out to work”, assured the leader of the commission agents.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Association of Distributors of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP) and Empresas Conexas (Amexgas) estimate that it has closed approximately 10% of the total delivery routes in the country, that is, as of August, work has been gradually stopped in 3,500 areas, due to the control of maximum prices implemented by the federal government.

The foregoing, according to the businessmen, prevents distribution companies from covering the necessary costs for their operation, a situation that could worsen in the coming days, after a violent conflict arose between those grouped as commission agents and officials at noon this Monday. of the Ministry of Energy.

In Mexico until a month ago there were 35,000 delivery routes and 4,700 service stations, through which more than a million daily services were carried out, according to Amexgas.

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