Gas supply: Habeck calls the second alarm level in the gas emergency plan

The federal government announces the gas alert level. The reason is the reduced gas supplies from Russia and the persistently high prices.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has declared the second stage of the crisis in the gas emergency plan. The reason for this is the one that has existed since mid-June Cut Russian gas supplies and the high prices on the gas market, said Habeck on Thursday in Berlin. The situation is currently “tense”, but security of supply is guaranteed.

According to the plan, the alert level is one Gas supply disruption or an exceptionally high demand for gas, which leads to a significant deterioration in the gas supply situation. However, the market is still able to handle this disruption or demand. The announcement is related to the severe throttling of Russian gas supplies since last week. Habeck announced the early warning stage as the first stage of the plan at the end of March.

Gas emergency plan: Utilities can increase prices

According to dpa information on Thursday, utility companies should not yet be given the opportunity to adjust their gas prices after the Energy Security Act to increase. This has been possible by law since May 21st.

Two requirements must be met for this: On the one hand, the alarm level or emergency level must have been declared in the gas emergency plan. On the other hand, the Federal Network Agency must have determined a “considerable reduction in the total gas import volumes to Germany” on this basis. This determination must be published in the Federal Gazette. Only then are companies allowed to raise prices to a “reasonable level”. (dpa/afp/bef)

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